Uncover how the $1 billion Carbanak heist could be avoided

http://www.inform-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/payment_integrity_monitoring_320_220.jpg Alleged hackers have struck again, infiltrating numerous banking systems and stealing up to hundreds of millions of dollars in 30 different countries. Security firm and anti-virus maker Kaspersky revealed a new modus operandi that clearly shows how cyber criminals were able to penetrate the core systems affecting more than 100 banks. They successfully targeted banking systems with advanced malware and without having any insider information.

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The Key Elements of Integrated Planning

integrated planning

Let us assume that your company has a very industrious sales team, which achieved a record in overall sales last year. Does not sound that bad, does it? But if you then take a look at the balance sheet, you might realize that this record does not correspond to your key profit figures.

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Catch the modern day criminal in a multi-channel environment


From malicious malware to sophisticated phishing schemes, banking institutions and card service providers are under constant, multi-channel attack. How should they respond? One technology company making the news in the fight against financial fraud is INFORM, so we asked Dr. Andreas Meyer, Director Risk & Fraud Division, for his views on the matter, and examine some industry facts about the growing threat of financial crime.

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Are banks prepared for SEPA Direct Debits?


Local direct debits will soon turn into a pan-European maze. Starting in August 2014, direct debits will no longer be restricted as a national payment method for a large number of European countries but will turn into a true Euro-denominated solution for making fund transfers across the entire Euro-zone. This is good news for international corporations and online merchants who are selling their products and services across Europe, but is it also good news for the banks and payment service providers?

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Banking websites pose easy target for malicious WIFI hotspots


Recent studies in the Netherlands showed that consumers who are sending Internet banking transactions through a malicious WIFI hotspot could be easily manipulated if the SSL security is switched off during communication. For only $100 cyber criminals can buy a malicious WIFI router, which will give them access to any data sent through the hotspot in order to intercept passwords and to manipulate payment transactions.

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Planning Demand for the World’s Second Most Popular Drink

demand planning tea

I have to admit, I wasn’t much of a tea drinker before I moved to Germany. I typically would only turn to the beverage if I was fighting the flu, nursing a nagging sore throat, or, in the case of over-sweetened iced tea drinks, while trying to cool down under the hot California sun. Now, after experiencing several ice-cold winters in Germany, I have come to enjoy the large variety of flavors and functional benefits this drink has to offer. Drinking a hot tea does not, however, have to be constrained to cold winter months, as various studies have shown that drinking a hot beverage on a hot summer day can actually be quite effective in cooling the body down.

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Staying cool despite demand fluctuation


Summer, sun and….ICE CREAM!

I have to say that I was very lucky to be able to grow up in California where the sun was always (ok…almost always) shining. Before moving to Germany, I could never understand why my German girlfriend (today my wife) was always itching to spend time outdoors during her visits to California. After 4 years living in some of the cloudiest regions in Germany, I get it. If the sun is shining here in Aachen, for example, you can bet that at least 80% of the Germans will be somewhere outside eating an ice cream.

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